Welcome to the Order of Isshin-Ryu

The Order of Isshin-Ryu (OI) is dedicated to teaching the art of Isshin-Ryu Karate as handed down by its founder, Tatsuo Shimabuku. The instructors (Sensei) hope to guide their students to understand more about themselves as well as enable them to become highly skilled in the art of self-defense.

Family Returns Home

The COVID-19 Pandemic of this year has brought many challenges to the family of the Order of Isshin-Ryu (OI) both personally and with the practice of their Martial Arts.  We have persevered, however, and adjusted… [read more]

Adjusting Our Sails

Since early March, 2020, the world has been struggling to handle the COVID-19 virus.  Schools have been closed, businesses shut down, activities cancelled, and restrictions enforced.  It has been a challenging time at home, at… [read more]

Winter Shiai, 2020

On February 15th, 2020 The Order of Isshin-Ryu Karate family and guests gathered for their Winter Shiai. Tournament kata and kumite were performed, as well as Kyu rank evaluations and a special seminar by Sensei… [read more]