2021 Fall Shiai – 50th Anniversary

On October 2, 2021, the Order of Isshin-Ryu Martial Arts (OIMA) gathered at Bohemia Manor High School in Chesapeake City, Maryland, for their 50th Anniversary Fall Shiai. 

As the OIMA continues to celebrate their Golden Anniversary year, a special day of events was planned for this Fall Shiai.  The format is evolving into a more training-centered gathering and marks a new chapter for the OIMA family. 

The morning included kyu evaluations followed by kyu kata and kumite competitions.  After competition, winners were announced and promotions were recognized.  The following well-earned promotions were celebrated at the Shiai:

Kyu rank Promotions:

Kian Bennerman    sankyu

Noah Gough    sankyu

Eleni Healey    yonkyu

Christopher Peterson    nikyu


Blackbelt Promotions:

Ethan Lorden     shodan

Bryce Kadash    sandan

Darron Whitehead    sandan

After a brief break with a lunch generously provided by the OIMA, the Shiai events shifted to training through presentations and clinics.  The kyu ranks participated with several instructors on various topics:  Mr. Greg LeBlanc on scorekeeping basics, Mr. Arthur Sampson on breakfalls, and Mr. Matt Scarborough on power techniques. 

While the kyu ranks were training, the black belts of the OIMA attended a kata clinic presented by Masters Ewing and Latimer with input from Grandmaster Cooling.  The clinic was the result of several meetings held by the senior dans to review our kata and discuss the application of techniques (oyo).  The intent is to have the OIMA kata be the best application of self-defense possible. 

As Master Cooling quotes Soke Tatsuo Shimabuku: “Isshin-ryu is a living thing.  Constantly changing, always improving.”

Congratulations to everyone on their promotions, and a special congratulations to Grandmaster Cooling on 50 years of the Order of Isshin-Ryu Martial Arts!