2023 Isshin-Ryu Hall of Fame

The Order of Isshin-Ryu Martial Arts (OIMA) had a great showing at the Isshin-Ryu Hall of Fame Tournament (IHOF) weekend in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, this past July 14 and 15. There were several OIMA members nominated for awards: Zackary Treloar (Karate Rocks Dojo) for Young Karate-ka, 12 and under; Mackenzie Hamm (Elkton YMCA Dojo) for Young Karate-ka, 12 and under; Danny Warner (Trappe Dojo) for Competitor of the Year; Sensei Wayne Brittingham (Trappe Dojo) and Sensei Larry Waldridge (Elkton YMCA Dojo) for Instructor of the Year; and Sensei Buster Hash for Steve Armstrong Outstanding Contribution. Congratulations to all the nominees! Being nominated is an honor in itself.
In attendance were Master Bud Ewing, Master Chris Harris, Mr. Michael Nolen, and Mr. Christian Nolen representing the Hombu Dojo; Sensei Larry Waldridge and Ms. Mackenzie Hamm representing the Elkton YMCA Dojo; Sensei Al Panazzola, Mr. Dante Del Greco, Ms. Alana Rae, Mr. Neville Jones, Mr. J.P. Binette, Ms. Sonya Lepage-Menard, Ms. Gabriella Sisti, Mr. Zack Treloar, Ms. Leah Medraj, Ms. Maria Beloiu, and Ms. Peyton Campbell representing the Karate Rocks Dojo; Sensei Wayne Brittingham, Mr. Dicky Simmons, and Mr. Danny Warner representing the Trappe Dojo.
Tournament results: Black belts – Master Chris Harris (1st hand kata, 2nd weapons kata, 2nd kumite); Sensei John McNair (2nd weapons kata, 3rd hand kata); Michael Nolen (4th weapons kata); Dante Del Greco (1st weapons kata); Danny Warner (1st kumite); Alana Rae (1st kumite); Neville Jones (Finalist kata and kumite) Kyu ranks – Gabriella Sisti (1st kumite, 1st weapons kata); Maria Beloiu (2nd hand kata); Peyton Campbell (1st kumite, 4th hand kata, 4th weapons kata); Zackery Treloar (1st kumite); Leah Medraj (3rd kumite); Sonya Lepage-Menard (4th hand kata); J.P. Binette (4th kumite); Christian Nolen (2nd hand kata; 3rd kumite)
Congratulations to all the award nominees and competitors on a great tournament this year at the Isshin-ryu Hall of Fame! ⛩
Additional Photos: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjAQ7dK