Memorial Tournament



Hosted by The Order of Isshin-Ryu


This tournament will be the first of its kind hosted by the Order of Isshin-Ryu (OI). Its purpose is to celebrate the life of Grandmaster Cooling and to bring together Isshin-Ryu practitioners from all over just as he brought us together in the OI Family. All proceeds will benefit the OIMA Scholarship fund, which provides assistance to members seeking further education and opportunities inside and outside of the dojo. A detailed schedule of events is forthcoming, but the weekend will include seminars by masters and grandmasters of Isshin-Ryu, an open Isshin-Ryu tournament on the American Isshin-Ryu points circuit, many special competition divisions, and a unique award for all Grand Champions!



September 22 & 23, 2023   Times to be determined.



Cecil College

1 Seahawk Drive

North East, Maryland  21901


Divisions and Fees:

A tournament division and fee structure will be available for download.



Tournament Rules:

The tournament rules for competition will be downloaded here.



Where to stay:

Recommended accommodations will be made available.