One Family, One Dojo

Becoming part of a Dojo under Grandmaster Cooling is like becoming part of a family. The Order of Isshin-Ryu is One Family-One Dojo. Karate-ka will travel between their Dojos frequently to share their knowledge, train hard, and enjoy fellowship activites.

In August, the Trappe Dojo was honored to have visitors from the Elkton Dojo –  Master Cimorosi, Sensei Harris and Mr. Mark Fellenbaum (Sho Dan Ho). It is always great training when we can get together.

Master Cimorosi and Sensei Harris worked with the brown belts on Bo Kata and applications, and with the rest of the students on stick fighting drills (Arnis). Sensei Brittingham of the Trappe Dojo had some one-on-one time working with Mr. Fellenbaum as he is preparing for his black belt evaluation. All the students were pumped up and loved it.

A great night of training between the two Dojos! A special thanks to Master Cimorosi, Sensei Harris, and Mr. Fellenbaum for making the long journey. ⛩