One Isshin-Ryu Family

On, May 11, 2019 members of the Order of Isshin-Ryu (Master Cimorosi, Sensei Harris, Sensei Brittingham, Mr. Gough, Mr. Jones, Mr. Baker, Mr. Fellenbaum, and Mr. Warner) traveled to Freehold, New Jersey to work out with Master Frank Black, Master Kenny Zuck, Master Jim Pase, Sensei Mike Scott, Sensei Joe Barbalinardo and their students.

The class started with some basic techniques by Master Black, followed by some kumite, and then group kata. Ideas were shared across the group on kumite and kata. Afterwards, we all went out for some fellowship at a local restaurant. A great time was definitely had by all!

What an HONOR to spend the day with World Class Isshin-Ryu Katate-ka!

Three different Dojo’s training and learning from each other as One Isshin-Ryu Family!  That’s what it’s all about.  

Much respect and thanks to our extended family in Freehold, and everyone who was present, for a great day of Isshin-Ryu!

– Master Cimorosi and Sensei Harris, Dai Sempai  ⛩