Scholarship Awards for 2022

This is the first year for the Order of Isshin-Ryu Martial Arts (OIMA) scholarship program!  We are very excited to announce the following first recipients:

Zackary Treloar, yon-kyu, Karate Rocks dojo

Mr. Treloar is 10 years old and has been training for three years at the Karate Rocks dojo in Windsor, Ontario.  He is extremely active in the dojo helping Sensei Panazzola with the younger students.  Along with his excellent record with his schoolwork, Mr. Treloar recently made the school track team and competed at the All-City meet.  He is very aware of giving back and helping others as he helps others his age with special needs and was chosen to help with their bowling field trip.  He is an altar server for his local church and assists as well with the Sunday school classes.  Not to rest on his service for others, Mr. Treloar started a business three years ago called Paper Flight.  He and his friends make crafts to sell for a local charity – Fight Like Mason Foundation.  Mason was Mr. Treloar’s good friend growing up who passed from cancer at the age of four.

We are proud to announce Zackary Treloar as an OIMA Scholarship recipient for attendance to the 2022 Isshinryu Hall of Fame Tournament in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  Best of luck Mr. Treloar!


Christopher Peterson, ik-kyu, Elkton dojo

Mr. Peterson originally joined the Order of Isshin-Ryu under Sensei Rudd of the Michigan dojo where he met Grandmaster Cooling as a young man.  Currently a member of the Elkton dojo under Master Cimorosi, he wanted to honor Grandmaster Cooling by competing at the 2022 K.I.A.I. Grand Nationals in Michigan.  This year’s Nationals honored the legacy of Grandmaster Cooling and Mr. Peterson wanted to show support, respect and honor for Grandmaster Cooling.  Mr. Peterson is an excellent student within the Elkton dojo providing his sensei support at every opportunity.

Congratulations Mr. Peterson for your scholarship to attend the 2022 K.I.A.I. Grand Nationals in Southfield, Michigan!

From left: Master Cimorosi, Mr. Chris Peterson, Ms. Eleni Healey, and Grandmaster Cooling