Scholarship Program

The OIMA scholarship is available for students who are enrolled in one of the Order of Isshin-Ryu Dojo. The scholarship is awarded for training costs associated with your pursuit of training in the OIMA programs at your dojo, or undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in or planning to enroll at least part-time in an academic program offered by an accredited institution of higher learning.


Award amounts vary.  The following general guidelines apply based upon scholarship type:

Undergraduate or Graduate Student $500 per academic year (2 full semesters)

October 1 (for Spring semester)

April 1 (For Summer or Fall semester)

Dojo Monthly Training Dues (based on need) Reduced rate based on Sensei’s discretion Rolling submission
Isshinryu Hall of Fame Tournament 1/2 cost of hotel and tournament competition fee

May 31

Other tournaments (Isshin-Ryu only or Open) 1/2 cost of hotel and tournament competition fee

60 days prior to tournament date

NOTE: these are the current scholarship offerings.


Eligibility Requirements: Must be a student in good standing in an OIMA dojo, and/or be enrolled in an online/resident certificate or degree program offered by an accredited institution of higher learning as a part- or full-time undergraduate or graduate student.

If you are interested in applying for any of these scholarship opportunities, please download and complete an application.  Provide the following to your sensei for submission:

  • Cover page which denotes which scholarship you are applying for
  • Completed and signed application
  • Essay (download writing prompt suggestions from this webpage)
  • Two letters of recommendation (see application)
  • Acceptance letter from your school (for undergraduate and graduate applications)


Scholarship Application                               Writing Prompts


The OIMA Scholarship is funded by donations.  The Order of Isshin-ryu is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible in accordance with section 170(f)(8) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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