Sensei Advincula and the Megami

Master Cimorosi spent the day on June 29, 2019 learning from Sensei Arcenio Advincula at a seminar in New Jersey. The seminar was hosted by Sensei Scott Fawcett, a student of Sensei Advincula, and his wife Kathy Fawcett.

“Sensei Advincula is such an amazing martial artist! His Chinkuchi knowledge takes Isshin-Ryu karate to a whole new level.

Sensei Advincula, at 81 years old and 160-lbs, moved me and stopped me in my tracks with very little effort. His technique is impeccable!

You can feel his energy and strength when you’re standing on the other side of the room. What a great experience I won’t soon forget. 

Sensei Advincula designed the Isshin-Ryu Patch (Megami) with Master Shimabuku’s approval. I learned a lot about our patch that I didn’t know before. 

Please see the following link from Sensei Advincula‘s website to learn more about our patch and it’s very deep meaning:

All eight of the karate codes are in the Megami.

It was a great day with great friends.”

– Master Cimorosi  ⛩